Honeydew Melon 1.5ml Pods (4 count)

$16.99 USD

Honeydew Melon Pods 

Honey Dew Melon is an energizing and very sweet juicy honeydew melon from start to finish.

  • Each Pod is Approximately 400 Puffs*
  • 1.5ml pods 
  • 5% nicotine by weight 
  • Long Lasting   
  • Made for smokers
  • 4 Pods in a Pack 


Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Its very light and sweet

Its a nice smooth flavor very light and a little sweet


It was really nice to get an order fulfilled from click. Disposable vapes are very pricey, and there are some really bad vapes and shady distributors out there. Since clic has been out of all of its varieties I have been spending more and try to find reliable distributors. My husband and I both use clic and like the Berry and Honeydew melon the most currently. We enjoy fruity flavors, but usually do not order iced. I think the grape and pineapple flavors would be very good not iced. We hope to see your website back up. Peace, love, and crabs.

Limited stock

The Honeydew Melon is a good alternative. But please bring back Peach Sunrise.

Some pods do, some pods don’t.

Since the quarantine Clic pods have been my go to. Some pods hit smooth...some pods seem like air flow ins constricted. Dig the flavors. Thumbs up.

Quality is not the same

I've been ordering the same pods for years and they always ship in a few days and the quality is pretty consistent, besides a few leaking pods every now and then. This time it took 3 weeks to ship and the pod quality is not the same. Little to no flavor and the draw is super tight. I don't know if they reformulated and that is the reason for the delay, but these are not the same pods I've been buying for years.